January 29, 2014

As we come to the end of January, you might notice that your new year’s resolutions seem to be nothing more than a distant memory.  All of those ambitious goals that you promised yourself you would finally achieve (this would be the year!) have gone by the wayside, and you might feel like just throwing in the towel and giving up.  And unfortunately, as a result of these “failures”, chances are you’re beating yourself up for your wrong doings, focusing on what you should have and could have done differently, and dwelling on the negative.

Sound familiar?  And while a new year can represent a new beginning and is a great time to start fresh and set tangible goals, why put so much pressure on one day?

Many of us make mistakes or unfavorable decisions in life, such as forgoing our healthy regimen and allowing ourselves to overindulge in “bad” food, procrastinating on a work deadline and then cramming the night before it’s due, handling an argument poorly and saying things we don’t mean, spending too much money that we don’t have, and completely forgoing our resolutions, even though we swore we would get it right this time.  But that’s life, and shit happens.

So instead of dealing with these situations in such a negative manner, what if you change your thought patterns and view each day as your new beginning? There’s no need to wait for a new year to set and accomplish your typical resolutions.  Each new day is the perfect time to start fresh with a clean slate, begin anew, get back on the bandwagon, or if you feel great, simply keep doing what you’re doing well!

You might not always feel great about your actions, but it’s important to take the time to understand them and remember that you always have the opportunity to make a change.  Every day, and every moment for that matter, in your life is a chance to start fresh with a clean slate.

You don’t have to wait for a new year to create a better you- Start now!

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