February 13, 2014

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it seems almost impossible to remove all of the sweet temptations that have been lingering since the holiday season, and even harder to stick to your healthy goals.  And while Valentine’s Day is often synonymous with chocolate, candy, and sugar, what if you took a different approach this year?

 Now, I’m not saying you have to forgo your favorite treat (because that would just be cruel), but let’s think about what Valentine’s Day is truly all about… that four letter word that makes you feel good inside, puts a smile on your face, and helps you be the best version of you… that’s right: LOVE.   It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the materialist aspect (who doesn’t love new jewelry?), and overdo it on the sweets, but try and shift your focus from the chocolates and gifts to the love, abundance, and happiness in your life.   And while it’s important to practice this year round, since we happen to have a day designated to such feelings, why not make this time of year all about love.  Think about the people you love in your life and celebrate them this Valentine’s Day.  Whether you have a significant other to share the day with, a family member or friend who is special to you, or you are rocking YOU this year, make sure to go all out with the love and show that special someone how much they mean to you.  Cook a romantic dinner together, spend time talking and laughing, light some candles and take a long, hot bath— whatever is your thing, go for it and enjoy it. 

And since dessert always makes the occasion more delicious, try out one of the yummy (and healthy) recipes below, and show your body some love as well 😉

 Chocolate Banana Nut Butter Smoothie

 Raw Hot Chocolate

And a nice idea to make for your honey (or yourself!) for V day- this delicious Chocolate Mousse, recipe courtesy of DeliciouslyElla

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, do it with LOVE!


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