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February 13, 2014

During these long, cold, winter nights, which seem to be never ending, there is nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with some warming and comforting hot chocolate.

And while there is quite a large selection to choose from at the supermarket, from the easy instant variety, to the delicious ones with the mini marshmallows, to the “healthy” low- sugar options, unfortunately, all of these packaged versions still contain sugar (both refined and artificial), dairy, artificial flavors, and processed ingredients.

So, instead of giving up this special winter treat, I’ve decided to make myself a healthy version of it.  This raw hot chocolate is super fast and easy to make, only contains 3 ingredients, and is full of flavor.  Plus it’s low in sugar, loaded with antioxidants from the cacao, and contains the perfect amount of creaminess from the almond milk.

Try the below recipe to add a little sweetness and warmth to your evening:

Servings: 2


2.5 cups Almond Milk (or other dairy substitute like coconut milk or rice milk)

1 TBSP Cacao

10 drops of liquid stevia

1 TSP of cinnamon (optional)

1 TSP of vanilla (optional)


–  Heat almond milk until right before boiling in a sauce pan.

– Transfer the hot milk to your blender and add cacao, stevia, and cinnamon (if you choose).

Blend and serve! Feel free to sprinkle cinnamon on top or add some dark chocolate chips for extra chocolate.

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