May 15, 2014

So, it took me some time to write this, because well, I’m human, and my mornings do not always go as planned or as perfect as I may intend.  That being said, I do know and want to share the importance of establishing some type of morning routine.

Having a morning ritual is a really nice and peaceful way to start your day.  It provides you with a sense of calm, clarity, organization, and energy.  It helps to set the tone for the rest of your day and start things off on a high note. Additionally, the morning is a good time to incorporate some cleansing practices- and cleansing is a crucial part of establishing a healthy body and mind, losing weight, and feeling more energized and vibrant.

Although a morning ritual requires you to give yourself more time in the morning (I know, not always easy), beginning each morning with a personal practice is much more beneficial than starting your day rushed and stressed- and it sets you up for success.   Below are some suggestions to help you create your own morning ritual, along with a glimpse into what my mornings look like.

Wake-up HAPPY

  • Your attitude plays a HUGE role in how you feel, and starting the day with happy and grateful thoughts will help you keep a positive attitude and outlook – and help you better cope with any stress- throughout your day
  • Think about 5 thinks that make you smile and that you are GRATEFUL for- this will shift your focus to all of the abundance in your life and keep you in a state of pure happiness

Practice Tongue Scraping:

  • This is an Ayurvedic practice that clears toxins from the tongue, which lead to bad breath
  • Helps eliminate undigested food particles that are left on the tongue
  • Enhances the sense of taste
  • Promotes overall oral and digestive health
  • Here is an example of a tongue scraper.  You can purchase online or at any health food store.
  • How to: Simply start at the back of your tongue and scrape forward. Rinse off any gunk and repeat a few times.

Workout/Stretch/ Move your body:

  • Great wakeup call
  • Increases energy
  • Jumpstarts metabolism and detoxification
  • Instant mood lifter
  • Takes away the worry and stress of trying to fit it into your schedule later (work ran late, a friend called to have dinner, etc… sound familiar?)
  • Doesn’t have to be vigorous-  just a 10 or 15 minute mini workout and stretch is great! Just moving your body can improve your mood, mind, and energy

Dry brushing:


  • Increases lymphatic circulation (your lymph system is your body’s detoxification system)
  • Gives you smooth, glowing skin
  • Diminishes cellulite…. a pretty simple solution to clear and smooth skin and improve digestion.
  • How to: Check out my previous post on Spring Clean Your Body, Mind, & Home

Oil Pulling (yes, I know this might sound totallly strange, but it’s great for you and it works!)

  • Helps “pull” toxins from your body and mouth.
  • Gets rid of germs and bacteria… and improves overall oral health
  • Increases your energy
  • Whitens teethcoconutoil
  • Reduces jaw pain (TMJ)
  • Improves sleep
  • Helps with a hangover (did I get your attention?!)
  • How to: place about 1 tbsp of organic, extra-virgin coconut oil or sesame seed oil in your mouth (can be solid, but easier if liquified) and swish around for about 15-20 minutes.  When finished, spit out in toilet (not the sink), rinse your mouth with warm water (and salt if you can) and brush your teeth. Ideally, you want to be sitting in a relaxed and meditative state, but realistically this not the case (confession: I’m usually making the bed and cleaning the apartment).

Warm water with lemon:

  • Great way to rehydrate after a night’s sleep (which leaves you dehydrated)
  • The lemon helps jumpstart the detoxification process in your liver and improves digestion
  • How to: pour some warm water into a mug and add fresh squeezed juice from about 1/2 a lemon

**Lemon is very alkalizing, helps digestion, stimulates the bowel, potent diuretic, clears skin, freshens breath, and jazzes up plain water**ginger tea with lemon-edit

Set an intention:

  • Gives you time to focus on YOU and helps you get clear on what you want and desire for your day & life
  • Acts as a reminder each morning as to what your goals and desires are
  • Helps keep you on track to achieve these desires and be aligned with your intentions
  • How to: take a few minutes and think about your intention and desires for how you want to feel, what you want to achieve, who you want to be, etc.

So, now that I’ve shared some good tips to help you create your own morning ritual, I’ll share my own daily practice based on the principles that work for and resonate with me.

My morning ritual  does vary depending on the day, but here is how a typical morning goes (sans a yoga class or gym workout):

About 6:30 AM:  Alarm goes off, usually press snooze 😉

6:40 AM: Tongue scraper/ brush teeth

6:45/6:50 AM: A little at home yoga warm up and quick workout (that will be for another post…)

7:05: AM: Hit the bathroom, dry brush, and shower

7:25 AM (yes I take a long shower and LOVE it): Oil pulling/ get dressed/ make the bed and clean up the apartment (I’ve become a neat freak)/ heat some hot water

7:45 AM: Pour a cup of hot water and add some fresh lemon juice (sometimes I add 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar to the concoction for extra detoxifying properties) and set my intention for the day. I then continue to check emails/ FB/ Instagram.

8:00 AM: Start work! (I work from home, so I luckily get to cut out that commute… and doing my hair and makeup). I usually make breakfast during work- I’m typically not ready to eat until then.

Again- my morning does not always run this smoothly… some days I take a 6:30 AM yoga class or go to the gym, sometimes I sleep in (like I said, I’m human), sometimes things just come up. But, I do always try to give myself enough time in the morning, so that I’m not rushed, and to ensure that I start my day on a positive, calm, and organized note. I also always make sure to have my warm water with lemon and hydrate first thing in the morning, make the bed (that neat freak in me) and open the shades to light some sunlight in, set an intention for my day… and give my bf a kiss before he leaves for work 😉 .

I’m working on incorporating a morning meditation… I’ll follow up on that and let you know how it’s going!

What is you’re morning like? Share below… I’d love to hear!



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