August 20, 2014

As we enter into the end of August, many of us try to cram in some end of summer beach trips, pre-school vacations, and last minute summer travels.  This also means leaving the comfort of your own healthy haven and daily rituals. But don’t let a fun getaway ruin your healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few easy and fun ways to bring the healthy with you while traveling, so that you can enjoy your summer and still look and feel great:

1. Pack healthy food to bring with you from home.

Being prepared with different types of your favorite healthy foods will help ensure you eat well and have the nourishment you need. This way you will always have something healthy and yummy on hand when hunger strikes.  Some of my favorite snacks include organic raw veggies, fresh fruit with nut butter (such as a pear and almond butter), hard boiled eggs, smoothie, Lara bars, organic blue corn tortilla chips with guacamole, and a brown rice cake with sunflower seed or almond butter.  These are all quick, easy, healthy, and delicious!

2. Incorporate fun activities that serve as a source of exercise.

You don’t have to be stuck inside a gym to fit in a good workout.  Find ways to burn some calories while having fun outdoors and enjoying time with others.  Take a walk on the beach, go for a bike ride with a friend, or find a local yoga studio and try out a new class.  This way you can enjoy the summer weather, spend quality time with friends, and avoid fretting over a missed workout.

4. Choose healthy options while dining out.

Just because you’re away doesn’t mean you have to splurge at every meal.  If possible, check out the menu ahead of time, so that you can choose the healthy meal you want before getting to the restaurant and being influenced by others (and that delicious sangria).  Try to avoid fried foods, heaving creams and sauces, and white flour and sugar.  Many restaurants are flexible with their menu and are willing to make substitutions.  Find out how food is prepared, ask to have your veggies steamed or roasted, opt for olive oil and vinegar for salad dressing, stick with lean protein, and try to incorporate some type of healthy fat.

5. Find local farmers’ markets to buy produce and other delicious food.

So many places offer famers markets- especially during the summer.   This is a great way to buy fresh produce, save some money, and support local farmers.  Here is a great site to find the closest farmers’ market to your location.

6. Shift your focus to what truly matters. 

Put more attention on your company and less on the food.  This will help you relax and be fully present in the moment, which will allow you to have more fun, maximize your time away, and stress less about your food/ body/ weight.

7. Enjoy a yummy treat.

Who doesn’t love a good old ice-cream cone or cup of water ice?  It’s important to leave some room for dessert or a little splurge from time to time!  And don’t beat yourself up for doing so- enjoy each and every last bite!

8. HAVE FUN!! It’s summer time, so let go of any stress and worries and stop obsessing over the gym and every bite your put in your mouth.  Choose the healthiest options available, be prepared, find fun forms of exercise, and enjoy all of the wonderful aspects of summer!

And you can always participate in my Summer Slim Down E-Cleanse for an extra boost!


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