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March 31, 2015

Smoothies can be a delicious, nutrient-dense, cleansing meal or snack. And they’re completely versatile, so you can customize them to your own liking and boost the creaminess, sweetness, fiber, and nutrients without sacrificing the taste or health benefits. They’re also great to incorporate into your spring menu to help detoxify your body and support your digestion and energy.  So if you haven’t already jumped on the smoothie bandwagon, now is great time to get started.

That being said, when I first started experimenting with new creations,  I definitely made a few smoothies that were not so tasty (and I don’t care how good a smoothie is for me… I need to enjoy the taste to enjoy the benefits!).  So, to help you save time, money, and avoid the mistakes I made, I’m sharing some of my top tips for making an all around scrumptious smoothie.

Below are some common smoothie mishaps along with easy strategies to turn your smoothie into a favorite go-to!

Issue: Your smoothie is not blending well…

Solution: Pay attention to order (at least for certain blenders). Start with the greens and fruit. Then add part of the liquid. From there, throw in the rest of your ingredients and top with the remaining liquids. It’s best to start with less liquid and add as needed (because it’s easier to thin out the smoothie than thicken it up).

Issue: The consistency is not smooth or creamy…

Solution: To create a creamier smoothie, use part of a banana or avocado.

Issue: You added too much liquid and now the smoothie is too runny…

Solution: Add ice or frozen fruit. Frozen fruit works best, because it blends better, helping to enhance the creaminess.

Issue: You’re watching you sugar intake, and the smoothie contains too much sugar…

Solution: Swap the banana for avocado, use liquid stevia as your sweetener instead of dates or honey, & use low sugar fruits such as blueberries.

Issue: Your smoothie tastes too “green”

Solution: Throw in some yummy boosts or extras to mask that spinach or kale taste, without having to omit these good-for-you foods! Some of my favorites are cacao powder, sunflower seed butter, and vanilla protein powder.

And of course I couldn’t share a smoothie how-to without a recipe. Below is a basic green smoothie, that tastes anything but green 😉


Green Machine Smoothie:

½ banana (frozen if desired)

2 handfuls organic spinach or kale

¼ avocado

1 TBSP chia seeds

1 scoop vegan or pea protein powder (Innate Vegan Protein Powder, Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein)

1 cup rice, almond, or coconut milk

Ice, as desired

Water, as needed

Directions:: Blend together and enjoy!


Having some trouble making a delicious and nutritious smoothie? Let me know your issue below, and I’ll give you my best solution!




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