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how-to: upgrade your yogurt parfait

August 18, 2015

Yogurt parfaits are often touted as a healthy option for breakfast or a snack, especially when on the go. AND they’re everywhere- from Starbucks to Wawa to restaurant menus, making it a very accessible choice. And a healthy one, right? Well, not totally wrong, but unfortunately, many parfaits are loaded with sugar, refined carbs, and low quality dairy. So, in order to avoid banning this breakfast must-have forever, I’ve tweaked up the ingredients and upgraded the recipe to give you an Upgraded Yogurt Parfait.


This version is full of probiotics and protein from the sheep yogurt (which has a slightly more tart taste), however when using regular dairy, just make sure there are no added hormones or antibiotics and it comes from healthy cows. Also, watch out for the amount of sugar and the list of ingredients and stick with plain (or plain greek) to ensure there’s no added sugar, syrups or artificial flavors. Also take note of the protein and look for ones that give you a nice boost, like siggi’s brand, which is a personal favorite.

I also added healthy fats and protein from cashews and almonds, and a bit of sweetness from strawberries and a nectarine. You can play around with the add-ins, but keep them clean, make sure nuts and seeds are raw, and if using dried fruit, keep it to a minimum and choose no-sugar added versions. <3<3<3



1 individual container of sheep yogurt (can be found at Whole Foods or Wegmans)

4 or 5 strawberries

1 nectarine

2 handfuls nuts (I used cashews and sliced almonds)


Empty yogurt into a pretty bowl. Cut up fruit into bite-sized pieces and chop nuts. Add both to the yogurt and mix- tossing in any additions you choose (pistachios, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, cacao nibs, and blueberries are some awesome options!). Now you have yourself a satisfying, nutritious and healthy breakfast. You can also transfer everything into a mason jar and take with you as well!


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