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November 13, 2015



When it comes to eating in the cooler months, I always like to incorporate some heartier, warmer foods that will help satisfy my cravings and keep me fueled and nourished,Β while also ensuring I still look and feel great throughout the long (sigh), winter months. I generally try to keep the starchier carbs and grains to a minimum, because that’s how I feel best, but I personally can’t forgo all grains (and I don’t recommend cutting out ALL carbs, because your body needs them). One of my favorite “grains”, which is considered a pseudo-grain, because it’s technically a seed, is quinoa. It’s contains all 9 of the essential amino acids, making it a complete protein (which can be hard to find!), it’s gluten-free, lighter than some other grains such as brown rice, and it really takes on whatever flavors and spices you incorporate, making it the perfect well-rounded compliment to your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

This recipe is very simple, light yet hardy, and has so many good-for-you nutrients that your body will thank you just as much as your taste buds. Feel free to toss in any veggies and spices that work for your palate and enjoy as your main meal or side dish!




1 cup quinoa

2 cups low sodium vegetable broth

3 florets broccoli

1/2 cauliflower

few pieces asparagus

1/2 cup chickpeas

Sea salt

Garlic powder


Chop up veggies, spread out on a cookie sheet, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Bake on 370 for 25-30 minutes.

In a sauce pan, add the quinoa, vegetable broth, sea salt, and garlic powder and mix. Β Bring to a boil, then lower to a simmer and cover for approximately 12 minutes (liquid should be absorbed), stirring occasionally.

Drain and rinse the chickpeas.

Once the quinoa and veggies are finished, empty quinoa into a serving bowl, added the veggies and chickpeas, mix all together, and sprinkle with sea salt. Enjoy as is or as a side dish to your favorite meal.

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