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February 5, 2016


We’re already a month into 2016, and while that means we’re one month closer to warm weather, longer days, and relaxing beach trips… you may also find that you’re no where closer to reaching those New Year’s resolutions that you were so passionate about just 4 weeks ago.

And the truth is… you’re not alone. Many people get super pumped to make drastic changes as a new year approaches, only to find themselves back to their old ways merely weeks (or days) later. Especially when it comes to diet, fitness, weight loss, and wellness.

But, just because you might be one of those people, doesn’t mean that all hope is lost ;). And, it’s not just a matter of will power to get you from point A to Z. Below are my top 5 tips to help you get back on the healthy bandwagon.

  1. START SMALL. We live in a world where we thrive off of instant gratification, and truth be told, I’m no different. Want a new bag?  Go online and you can have it the next day. Hungry but don’t feel like cooking? Order delivery and be eating in less than an hour. It’s what we’ve grown to expect, and we want the same thing when it comes to seeing results, especially when it comes to losing weight. BUT, shortcuts and quick fixes don’t work. And just like your unhealthy behavior or weight gain didn’t happen overnight, neither will the change itself. Be patient and know that each small, positive action will add up to a big, worth-the-wait change.
  2. ONE DAY AT A TIME. This ties into the previous statement, but it is extremely helpful as well. While it’s important to set goals, both short and long-term, it can feel overwhelming to imagine how you’re going to actually reach that major goal. When you feel overwhelmed or stressed, it’s very easy to throw in the towel and take the easy way out, aka quit. Instead, if you focus only on the current moment and make the healthiest choices you can that day, imagine where you’ll be in a month, 6 months, and even a year! One day at a time and forget about the end results.
  3. START EACH DAY WITH YOUR INTENTIONS. In order to live your best self every day, and stay focused on your desires and goals for how you want to feel, it’s helpful to start each morning with an intention that will get you into the mindset of success. You can simply sit quietly for a couple minutes, meditate prior to setting your intention, or take a couple deeps breaths to help you tune into what you really need that day.
  4. WRITE IT DOWN. If you know me, you know I LOVE notebooks. In fact, Michael is probably rolling his eyes right now, because it’s become a bit of an obsession 😉. But, I write everything down and it’s so helpful to keep me on track with my intentions, goals, and life. Keep a journal to record your intentions each morning, record your food and drink intake at the end of every day to hold yourself accountable, write down a weekly plan and look over it everyday to maintain your motivation, etc. Whatever your goal is, keep a daily journal to help support your new behaviors and changes.
  5. PUT IT ON THE CALENDAR. Another obsession of mine- my calendar. Whether you’re trying to increase your weekly workouts, add in a little extra self-care time, or build your own business, if you put it in your calendar, just like you a would a meeting or a doctor’s appointment, you carve out a specific time for this activity and therefore are more likely to stick to it and get it done.

BONUS: LET IT GO. There will be days when you completely flop and don’t live your ideal healthy or productive life, but holding onto that “failure” and dwelling about it does NOTHING good. It only wastes more time on something that cannot be changed and brings about more stress and anxiety. Instead: acknowledge how you’re feeling, LET IT GO, and move on. No one is perfect, and we all have off days or even weeks. Show yourself a little love and you’ll bounce back with much more ease.

Have any good tips that help you stick to your healthy goals and intentions? Share them below in the comments!



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