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May 27, 2016

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and the weather is FINALLY warm… which means it’s time to stock up on your summer goodies, like new bathing suits, flip flops, and of course… the dreaded sunscreen.  As a kid I never totally appreciated the importance or necessity of sunscreen, until I got a few too many burns (and lectures from my mom 😉). However, over the years I’ve come to terms with my need for sunscreen and actually use it on a daily basis, even as a preventative measure.

But, while sunscreen is super critical for protecting your skin and preventing burns, not all sunscreens are created equal! Think about some of the really popular choices like Coppertone Water Babies or Australian Gold Oil… or those super easy and convenient spray bottles. While they’re sold everywhere and might live up to their claims about their SPF strength and the coverage they provide, unfortunately they’re full of toxic chemicals. And I’m completely guilty of having used all of these before, but once I started to cleanse my life of more harmful and unhealthy products and ingredients, and began reading articles like this one from Kris Carr, I’ve realized how necessary it is to use products, including sunscreen, that are void of specific ingredients.

And those chemicals that go on your skin don’t just stay there- they actually get absorbed into your body pretty soon after application. Gross, I know. But even worse: they can seriously mess with your hormones and actually increase your risk of cancer! So while you think you’re applying your SPF 30 to avoid such issues, you could be doing more harm to your body.

BUT, there are now tons of brands and options available that are free of those harmful ingredients. In fact, I was just at Target the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see a few new and inexpensive brands that offer much cleaner and healthier options!

A few key ingredients to avoid: parabens, oxybenzones, avobenzone, & retinyl palmitate

To help you swap out those old sunscreens and make cleaner choices, here are few of my favorites:

1. alba BOTANICA: This is Jessica Alba’s line of skincare, and while I’ve tried other products from this brand and haven’t loved them, her line is very green and animal friendly, and the very emollient sunscreen (pure lavender) is awesome!



2. Kiss My Face Sun Spray: This is my personal go-to sunscreen, which you can get from Whole Foods or Amazon. It’s a very lightweight cream, so it’s not super thick and heavy like some other products, and it comes in a fun squirt bottle!

3. Coola Mineral Sunscreen: This one I actually learned more about from GOOP- Gwenyth Paltrow’s skincare line. It’s a mineral sunscreen that is 70% organic.. and even comes in a matte tinted face moisturizer!

And for more on the topic of sunscreen, check out this article from Well & Good.

Hope this helps you plan wisely for your pool and beach outings… and remember, wear your sunscreen 😎.




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