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July 14, 2017

One of my favorite things about summer, aside from the beach, is barbecues. Just the idea of getting together with friends or family and sitting outside in the warm weather enjoying summer foods makes me happy.

Obviously, one major part of a bbq that people look forward to is the food.

Unfortunately, it’s really easy to consume unhealthy foods and overdo it on all of the yummy delicacies, but with some simple swaps you can enjoy any bbq and avoid a food hangover the next day.

🍔 One rule of thumb that you can apply whenever eating, is to cut back on the heavy, processed carbs, like hotdog and hamburger buns. Simply enjoy the burger (or plant-based version) on top of salad and/or loaded up with veggies. This automatically boosts your nutrients, gives you long-lasting fuel, and stops you from entering a carb coma. Michael’s motto: less bread means more room for meat (his favorite thing).


🍔 What about the pasta salad, creamy coleslaw, and refried beans? BYO! If you’re heading to someone else’s house for a bbq (or hosting your own), provide a healthy alternative, so that you can still enjoy the food without the bloat or heaviness. Check out some healthy and clean recipes below:

Paleo Coleslaw

Quinoa Salad

Sweet Potato Black Bean Salad


🍔 Chips are another big part of a bqq, and it’s so easy to sit around, chat and munch. Again, try a healthy swap like organic tortilla chips and guacamole or gluten-free crackers and hummus. This is always something you can bring as your contribution to ensure you have some healthier options.


🍔 Last but not least, it’s not summer without a spritzer, but tread lightly here, because alcohol can inhibit our ability to make healthy choices. Additionally, try and avoid sugar-filled drinks or mixers such as juice and soda. Liquid sugar goes right into your bloodstream and messes with your blood sugar levels and insulin, which can cause a major crash and burn. My go-to drinks: red or white wine or a Tito’s soda (vodka, club soda, and a couple fresh limes). ** Be sure to incorporate water with each drink to keep your body and mind hydrated, especially in the heat of the summer.

As always… it’s all about balance. Don’t be afraid to enjoy everything that summer has to offer, including barbecues. Just do your best to eat foods that make you feel your best. And if you over do it, here’s your guide to bounce back to your healthy self.



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