gluten-free turkey balls

November 27, 2017

I always forget how much I love my slow cooker until the temperatures drop and I start to crave soups, stews, and more grounding dishes. And with the help of a crockpot or slow cooker, these meals also tend to be pretty easy to make and pretty simple, considering it literally cooks until you’re ready to eat.

The other day I decided to make meatballs using my Crockpot, but instead of meat I grabbed ground turkey. I personally eat and enjoy red meat, but I also like to get other sources of leaner protein. I also used gluten-free bread crumbs that are very basic and clean with about a handful of ingredients.

This gluten-free turkey ball recipe is SO easy to make- you really can’t ruin it.  And you probably already have the ingredients (or similar ones) at home. It’s also super healthy and full of high-quality, lean protein and fiber, so this is a meal you should add to your winter roundup.


Pair it with a healthy pasta-alternative like Banza chickpea pasta, which is what I used, or enjoy it with some brown rice or quinoa. Want to skip the starches? Roasted up some veggies as your side and you’re good to go.



gluten-free turkey balls recipe


1 package ground turkey

1/2 cup gluten free bread crumbs

1 egg

sea salt



Heat Crockpot/ slow cooker.

In a mixing bowl, mix all of the ingredients together.

Heat a large pan with olive oil.

Scoop meatball mixture into little balls (should make around 15) and place on frying pan. It’s best to just use your hands for this part, so rings off and sleeves up 👌. You’ll probably have to do this in two batches. Cook about 5 minutes, flipping to both sides until browned. Once finished, place in crockpot, cover with organic, low-sugar tomato sauce (not pasta sauce), and let cook for about 3 hours.

chickpea pasta + brussel sprout recipe:


Banza Chickpea Elbow Noodles

Brussel Sprouts

Olive Oil


In a large pot, bring water to a boil.

Add in Banza pasta and stir immediately. Let cook for about 8-9 minutes.

Chop brussel sprouts if using whole (I bought pre-chopped).

Drain and rinse.

Toss pasta back into pot and add chopped brussel sprouts. Drizzle over with water.

Cook for another 2 minutes, mixing regularly.

Spoon Pasta mixture into a bowl and top with meatballs and sauce.

Enjoy immediately 💚

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