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November 30, 2017

You know that little spiel you hear when you’re on a plane getting ready for takeoff? The one where they review the safety procedures and remind you to always put your oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else? I know, it’s a bit grim, and you might be thinking, what does this have to do with self-care? Well, the reason you’re told to put your mask on first is because without the mask you’ll lose oxygen, which means you won’t be of much help to anyone else.

This same idea applies to self-care. When we’re depleted and run down, it’s really hard to be the best versions of ourselves, to perform our best at our jobs, and to show up fully for those who rely on us. Bottom line, we can’t pour from an empty cup.

Unfortunately, we often view self-care, and taking time to slow down and do something good for us, as selfish. The world we live in promotes and praises us for being super busy, taking on more and more, and wearing many hats- and doing it all with a smile on our faces and tons of energy.

In reality, it’s really hard to be at your best and perform at your best- whether at work or home, with your family, friends or colleagues- when you’re tired, burnt out and running on empty. And you won’t be able to serve and support those who need you, not to mention, you’ll wear yourself out, weaken your immune system, and most likely sacrifice the things in your life that make you look and feel your best.


SO, in the spirit of the holiday season, give yourself the best gift of all: self-care. Take some time to do you. Make a point to do things that make you feel amazing, nourished, and supported. Whatever that looks like.

And, if you need some inspo, here are some of my favorite ways to practice self-care:

  1. Take a hot shower at the end of the day
  2. Light some candles, put on a podcast, and take a relaxing bath (bonus: use some essential oils to really set the tone)
  3. Cozy up to a girly book that shuts off your mind and keeps you wanting more, especially with a cup of tea or glass of wine
  4. Get a manicure and pedicure
  5. Take a Yoga class
  6. Listen to a guided meditation
  7. Watch mindless TV (Kardashians is my show of choice, no judgement)
  8. Have a lazy morning in bed and watch a good movie
  9. Meet friends for brunch
  10. My fave: snuggle your puppy, man, lady… get some good cuddles in


I could honestly continue with this list, because I personally make a point to do these things on the regular in order to feel great and fill me up. What’s your favorite form of self-care? I’d love to hear!




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