how to set daily intentions with a morning routine

January 15, 2018

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Ahhh January. The first month of the new year and the time when we get a little (too) consumed with making big changes and bombarded by advertisements, emails, and photos all promoting the best way to set your intentions, to lose weight, and to stick with your resolutions!

To be honest, I don’t set resolutions. I used to- in fact I used to get really excited about Jan 1st and would create long lists of goals and resolutions and make a lot of promises to myself regarding what I was going to change, add, do, etc. But as I’ve gotten older and have created a much healthier and more balanced lifestyle, I don’t really get sucked into the hype.

Sure, I set personal goals for myself and my career and business. There are always areas of my life that I can tweak to best support living my best self. Yes, there are definitely times where I don’t drink nearly as much water as I should or find myself eating swedish fish and decide to step up my game.

But I don’t wait until the new year to do this. Every day I set goals and intentions for myself, and when things come up in my life or when I’m not practicing what I preach and taking the best care of myself, then I acknowledge it and make tiny tweaks and healthy swaps to get me back to feeling good.

Because the truth is, you don’t need a new year to improve your habits and upgrade your life. You can make healthier and better choices for yourself every single morning. And the way you start your morning can have a big impact on your day, so why not aim to create a morning that gives you what you need- whether it’s calming your mind, building your energy, or getting clear and organized on your tasks (or all of the above!)? Having a morning routine can help you focus on each day- instead of some grand picture, and give you the opportunity to make choices that support you that day and start fresh when maybe you’re not feeling so hot.

Now for the good stuff….

Some healthy habits that can help you create your best morning. Keep reading below to get some of my favorite tips…




My go-to morning list:

avoid your phone for the first 30 minutes of your morning.

so this first one is more of something you shouldn’t do, and is advice that I personally am working on. when you check your email and social media first thing in the day, then you’re starting your day focusing on everyone else and their lives instead of taking time for you. I’m really guilty of checking Instagram and find myself 30 minutes later lost in someone’s page who I don’t even know. try to avoid looking at your phone for 30 minutes after waking. one tip I got from Byrdie is to put your phone in airplane mode overnight (or do not disturb), so that you won’t be tempted by notifications and alerts.

give yourself at least 15 minutes for yourself

I personally find this point to be crucial. having a morning routine is meant to help you start your day on a calm, peaceful and organized note, but if you’re trying to squeeze some me time into an already rushed morning, then you’ll feel anything but zen. Give yourself at least an extra 15 minutes (or more!) to devote just to doing you. give yourself that time to go slow and ease into your day.

drink water

you already know that drinking water is important, but one critical time to drink it is first thing in the morning. when we sleep our bodies get dehydrated, and therefore need to be replenished. unfortunately, most of us wake up and go right for the coffee (and scone), which actually dehydrates you even more. aim to drink 16 ounces of water first thing in the morning to hydrate your cells and get your body up and running. this is also give you a nice boost of energy to start your day with!

take a few minutes to breathe and/or meditate

want to bring in the zen and clear your mind? all you need to do is devote just 2-5 minutes to breathing and/or meditating to help quiet the chatter in your mind. I often wake up with my mind racing with thoughts from the day before and plans for my day ahead. by slowing down, breathing and quieting those thoughts you can leave your previous day behind and stop it from disrupting your present moment. it also helps you get clear and focused on what you want for the day, which leads us to…

set an intention(s) for your day.

once your mind is clear(er) and you’re present in the moment with yourself, it’s a nice time to set an intention for the day. this doesn’t need to be anything fancy. just something that speaks to you. maybe it’s to stay focused, energized and productive all day. maybe it’s to make healthy choices that support you. maybe it’s to practice patience. again- whatever resonates with you.

do what you enjoy.

most importantly- don’t get attached to this routine. i used to be that way and not feel like my morning was complete if I didn’t check off x, y, + z every single day. and then i would start my day feeling off and often anxious. but i found that what stressed me out more was trying to create this perfect routine. some days only allow for 5 minutes to yourself or sometimes staying in bed is just what you need. find what your non-negotiable habits and behaviors are and try to do those. like drinking water, meditating for 5 minutes, and making the bed (one of my musts!). and then if you’re craving something else, like a quick Yoga session or long shower- go for it! just do what you need that morning to set you up for your best day <3

any other faves? i’d love to hear! share below 🙂

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