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toast tuesday: upgraded pb + j

January 19, 2018



For many of us, peanut butter + jelly sandwiches were a staple of our childhood (and maybe even adulthood? anyone else?). It’s always been one of my personal favorites. But, the way I used to eat it (think white Wonder bread, Jiff peanut butter, and Smuckers jelly), wasn’t really the healthiest, and definitely not something that today would make me feel great– with all of the sugar and processed ingredients in just those 3 foods. So, instead of giving up this slammin’ food combo (because that really wasn’t an option), I just swap out my old school ingredients with some healthy upgrades.

It’s still the same really easy and simple meal that’s great to bring with you on the go, but now it includes ingredients that are loaded with nutrients. Nothing fancy, just good-for-you, easy and delish…. my 3 requirements :).



Almond Butter + Honey Toast

Toast up 2 pieces of sprouted grain bread

Spread almond butter (or other nut butter) on both pieces of toast

Drizzle raw honey or maple syrup on top of toast

Eat open-faced or as a sammy and ENJOY!


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