halloween candy that’s not so scary 🙀

    October 21, 2017

    It’s that time of year again- the end of October when we start to prep for and anticipate the best of the best Halloween costumes, decorations, and candy. LOTS of candy. And if you’ve been trying to rock your best self by cleaning up your diet, moving your body, and taking care of you- or if it’s on your to-do list to finally get to- you don’t have to be spooked or scared about how to handle all of the chocolate, candy, and goodies that might be surrounding you over the next couple of weeks.

    Although occasionally enjoying a piece of candy or sweet isn’t a bad thing, when there’s a bowl full of chocolate sitting in your office, or your kids come home with BAGS full of junk, it can be really easy to give into these temptations- and really heard to say no.

    So, since you can’t really remove yourself from these situations (month hiatus from work?), instead come stocked and ready to battle those scary sweets and taunting chocolates. There are some pretty awesome healthy alternatives to those processed sweets, (even healthier gummy bears!!), which means you can have your cake and eat it too (my favorite motto).

    Below are 5 must-have treats to trick those sugar demons and have a healthy Halloween:

    1. Dark chocolate: this is something I ALWAYS keep in the house, because when I want something sweet, especially after dinner, dark chocolate comes to my rescue. I like to have bars and chips or chunks in the house, so that I have a variety and can switch it up as I please. Aim to get 65-70% cacao or higher to keep it clean and to reduce the amount of sugar. One of my favorites is Trader Joe’s Organic 73% Dark Chocolate bars as well as Endangered Species (plan dark as well as mint). And if I’m feeling frisky, I sometimes dip my chocolate into organic peanut butter or almond butter to create my own version of a Reese’s cup 🙆🏼.
    2. Justin’s Organic PB Cup Dark Chocolate: and while on the topic of Reese’s peanut butter cups, Justin’s brand makes a healthier version that honestly delivers on tastes. You can find these in many grocery stores as well as some convenient stores, like Walgreens. And of course you can always order online (hello Amazon).
    3. Eating Evolved: we’ve made our way from dark chocolate and nut butter, Justin’s PB Cups and now… Eating Evolved, which believes that chocolate is food, not candy (I’ve always considered chocolate to be food 😏). This “candy” is paleo,  gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, organic, and nothing fake or unnatural. Basically, it’s peanut butter cups on crack. Thank you Eating Evolved 👊.
    4. Yum Earth Organic Gummy Bears: although these gummies still have sugar (I mean the two go hand in hand, right?), they are definitely a healthier option to regular gummy treats like Starbursts, Skittles, candy corn, etc. There is NO corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors, and they actually have real fruit juice. If I had to choose between chocolate and gummies, gummies would win 9/10 times, so having a healthier option is pretty clutch.
    5. RxBars: I know this doesn’t count as candy, but in my opinion the chocolate peanut butter flavor satisfies ANY sweet cravings and the chewy texture of the mixed berry + and its fruity taste can usually suffice as a berry-flavored candy. And the best part is that they’re super clean, healthy, and meet all your needs! For more info on these, and other bars, check out my last post here.

    So, there you have it! Healthier ways to keep you on track and feeling your best, while still celebrating the holiday in style- minus the sugar crash (you’ll thank me later 😏).


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