New Year Better You Reset

New Year Better You Reset



We’re two weeks into 2016, and you might notice that you haven’t been sticking to (or set) your New Year’s resolutions (or as I prefer, “intentions”). And that’s OK. Why do I say this? Because, every single day is a new opportunity to make positive changes, create healthy habits, and start fresh.

The problem that often arises, however, is that this time of year many of us decide to take drastic measures and/or overhaul our lives to achieve all of our goals in a short amount of time. This method often fails, because more likely than not, it is totally unsustainable and overwhelming.

So instead, let’s keep it simple and fun!

And since a big focus this time of year pertains to improving your health, specifically your body and weight loss, I’m here to support you on your healthy journey with my New Year Better You Reset plan!


This is a 5-day “detox” to help you get rid of the toxins and junk in your body and mind, start to cut out the processed and high-sugar foods, improve your digestion, feel more energized and alive, reduce bloating and stomach issues, lose weight, and improve the look of the your skin.

What is this NOT?

Simply put, this is not a juice-only, restrictive, and complicated cleanse that will leave you hungry, anxious, and without a plan for living in a healthy manner.

This IS a whole food cleanse that will have you eating and enjoying delicious, hearty, and satisfying meals and snacks throughout the day and provide you with a foundation that you can actually live with for the rest of your life.

The best part is you can do this all from the comfort of your home! When you sign up for the cleanse below, you’ll receive a welcome email with the following material:

New Year Better You Guideline

Foods To Include + Foods To Remove

At Home Detox Tips

5-Day Menu


Additionally, you have constant email support from me and will receive 2 emails during your cleanse with added tips and information.

Sign up below: cleanse starts Monday, 1/25/15! (If you can’t start then, you can always begin at your own pace).