“Melissa is very knowledgeable and knows a tremendous amount about nutrition. Melissa showed her care and commitment to me by being flexible and was able to create a healthy meal plan for me to follow in order for me to feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend Melissa to my friends and family for help with their health goals!”
-Liz C


“Melissa is passionate about helping her clients and takes pride in helping them change their lifestyles for the better.  She is a wealth of knowledge regarding healthy food choices, appropriate diet plans, workout routines, wellness, and one’s overall well-being.  Her effective communication skills make her a joy to work with as she has a special ability to understand people and make them feel comfortable with opening up to her, all while providing the support and tools necessary to succeed in improving their lives. ”


Working with Melissa changed my life! She helped me not only eat better, but better my entire life. I learned that our health & well being is made up of more than what we put in our mouths. Our relationships, stress levels, exercise, sleep among other things all contribute to our lives in very profound ways. After finishing my 6 months with Melissa, I had learned so much, and became so much healthier in many aspects of my life! I recommend Melissa so anyone – even if you think you’re “eating healthy” – it’s so much more than that.
– Amanda M.

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